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Flexible in conditioned transport

Converting your vehicle into a refrigerated van is a thing of the past thanks to the VebaBox. The VebaBox is a removable cooling container that can be placed in the cargo space of your vehicle with just a small modification to your company car. With the digital display, you can easily set the right temperature yourself. Because the VebaBox is removable, you can easily transfer it to your next company car over time.

This means you are always transporting your temperature-sensitive products under the right conditions, which guarantees the quality of your cargo.

Currently, over 2,700 vehicles carry a VebaBox in Europe

Right temperature

Cooling and heating from 35°F to 77°F Freezing from -8°F to 41°F

Zoned temperature

Different compartment temperatures possible

Easily stacked

VebaBox can be adjusted to accommodate various crate sizes

Always Cool

Cools while the motor is not running

Flexible design

Bespoke unit dimensions possible to suit your vehicile

Long-term investment

Transferrable to multiple vehicles

Professional cooling solution for your commercial vehicle

Whether you are looking for a large or small cooler in your vehicle or storage, the VebaBox always gives you a suitable solution. The cooler is available in various sizes. The Economy line consists of a number of standard models that are suitable for all company cars from the small and middle segments. These coolers are available from stock and very attractively priced. Are you looking for a VebaBox that optimally utilizes the cargo space of your refrigerated truck? Then choose a VebaBox perfect fit. If you have different dimensions in mind for your cooler, then we can create a Custom VebaBox.

67% of our customers choose a VebaBox Economy